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Why You Should Hire the Right Professional Document Translation Service in Dubai?

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For anyone who has ever attempted to get to grips with a legal document will know how hard work it can be.

Even a contract having just a few pages can take a good number of hours to wade through. The content of legal documents is often long and complicated and contains a lot of legalese.  This makes legal documents one of the most difficult ones to translate. Thus, it’s essential to choose a professional service that offers document translation in Dubai, which is experienced in legal translations and has qualified legal translators. The translator should have a legitimate academic background and in-depth knowledge of the legal system of both the countries- the target country and the one in which the original document was intended for.

Translation of legal documents is essential for businesses that wish to import or export goods & services.

Though people usually think that legal documents are used only in courts, however, there are many situations in which translations of legal documents are required.

When legal documents are translated from one language to another, the meaning should remain the same. Even minor changes could lead to catastrophic consequences and could damage the reputation of your business severely.

Tips for Choosing the Right Document Translation Service

Highly Knowledgeable Expert

Hiring a professional translator who is fluent in the original language in which the document is, and the language your legal document will be translated into is not enough.

When choosing a legal translator, it’s essential to use someone who has legal expertise for correctly translating your document. They should have the knowledge of the legal terminologies of both languages and should be able to derive sentences in the target language that reflects the meaning and intention of the original sentences correctly.

In legal translation, there’s no room for errors. A single wrong term can put your business and its reputation in danger or even open your business up to legal actions, and considerable financial costs.

Experience of the Legal Translation Process

Document translation requires not just fluency in another language but a range of skills. Also, translators should be able to interpret the meaning and re-write content to reflect the same, because many word-to-word translations sometimes don’t make sense.

Accept Strict Deadlines

Usually, there is a strict timeline for translating the legal documents; thus it is vital to opt for a translating service that has the experience to undertake the complex task of translating the important documents not only quickly but accurately.

Various Legal Precedents

The law is changing and evolving constantly. Common laws are not written into statutes. In common law legal systems, such as in Dubai, a legal case can even bring about a new rule called precedent. Precedents are often subject to interpretation; thus, they are then used by the court, who is asked to decide similar cases in the future. Therefore, it is essential to hire translators who keep up-to-date with all the developments and changes in the legal system.

Maintains Confidentiality

Legal documents are highly confidential. If in case they are leaked or they get into the wrong hands, your business transactions could suffer severely.

Thus, it’s vital to hire a professional translation service in Dubai that you can trust.

Linguistic Structures of the Source Language May Not Have Direct Equivalents

English legal documents are generally written in the passive voice, which often consists of long and complex sentences. So when there’s a need to translate it into a language which mainly uses active voice, there could be a lot of confusion.

Thus, an experienced legal document translator can overcome this and ensure that the original meaning and purpose of the document is still apparent to those reading it in the target language. Also, it is essential to retain the same tone as the original.

Hence, hiring the right professional document translator is always beneficial.

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