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Want to lay Sod in Winter? Here’s what you can do

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Majority of the types of sod available in the market are dormant during the winter season. But there are various reasons that lead to the decision of installing the sod in winter. It is not the best time period for installation but people make this decision anyway.

Where Winter Installation of Sod is necessary?

There are basically three main instances where sod establishment is necessary. It has been noticed that the success rate of installation of grass bought from sod farms in Georgia in winter is high but still the risks are really big. Dormant season installation happens because of these three major reasons.

Establishment of a Gaming Field

At many instances, the various gaming fields get damaged because of different issues. So the installation of new sod is critical during the winter. The field has to be prepared for the spring games or the summer. When the grass is laid in the winter; it can grow to be fully established by the gaming seasons.

Completion of the House

Houses and other commercial building are constructed at all time of the year. Many of them have to be completed before the spring. So the installation of the sod is inevitable in the winter season.

To Prevent Ground Damage

There are various reasons for the ground to get damaged. Sometimes it becomes very hard for the seed to be sowed in the soil. Or the pests and insects can devastate the ground and most importantly erosion can wear off the topsoil. At those locations, sod can decrease the injury to the ground.

Are there any risks?

Yes, definitely there are a few risks involved in this process. Whenever you will install something that is not meant for that specific purpose then some danger is always present there. You have to be well prepared for the risks if you really want to establish the sod in h=the winter season.

Not proper caring

More than extra care is needed for the sod in winter. If you don’t maintain the care of the sod then it can wither out and turn brown in color. The root system of the sod will not develop and the sod will not properly grip the ground.

The damage made by Extreme cold

The sod manufacturing companies like Atlanta Sod Farms warn about the extreme cold weather which can damage even the cool-season grasses. If the period of the cold weather expands in days then it can cause freeze damage to the grass.

Withering out

In the winter very little rain is expected so if the sod grass is not watered properly then there is a chance that it can wither away. The lush green color of the grass can turn to light brown in color and rough in texture.

Process Installing in the Winter

There is not much of a difference between the establishment of sod during the growing and dormant season. The main distinction comes when you have to take extra precautions to prepare the soil. The rest of the method is exactly the same.

Make the Ground Flattened

The characteristics of the ground are different in various areas of the same lawn. At some places, there can be large rocks and pebbles that need to be removed. But on other locations, the weeds and another fungus must be evacuated. This will make the earth even for the sod to be laid.

Ready the Soil

Take professional help for checking the soil. The applications of fertilizers, herbicides and other chemicals will be done according to the quality of the soil. After a thorough inspection; the fertilizers and other chemicals are put to make the soil strong.

Buy grass from Sod Farms in Georgia

You need to be very careful and choose the sod for the area you are living in. As soon as you receive the sod; install it immediately. Or you can delay it for 24 hours but not more than that. If more delay is made then the sod will not grow as desired.

Lay the Sod Grass

The sod must be placed from the edges first so that a boundary is made and then install it side by side. There should be no gaps; not even of the width of a paper. If there is even a tiny gap then the whole area will be like patches.

Watch for the Sod Afterwards

The sod laid in the dormant season has to be taken care of even more. You have to keep in mind the following three most important points; after your sod grass has been installed. Forgetting even one point can ruin the grass forever.

Provide enough Moisture

Just remember water, water and water; as rains are frequent during the winter so moisture has to be provided by the irrigation system. This will prevent the sod from dehydrating.

Restrict the Foot Traffic

It is very crucial that you don’t allow anyone to go and even walk on the newly installed sod. Try to avoid foot traffic on the grass for at least three months.

No need for Herbicides

The grass from the sod farms in Georgia doesn’t need herbicides in the winter because the insects are dormant just as the sod. Plus over seeding is also not necessary if you want your lawn to remain lush green in winter.


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