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Want to be More Creative with Foods: Try These 7 Pita Pocket Recipes

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Since its origin in the Middle East, pita bread is used as a vehicle for shawarma, holding falafel, or generous slathers of hummus. However, now, it is 2019 – a time when food lovers prefer to experiment with foods. Therefore, pita should no longer be restricted to one type of cuisine.

There are so many lip-smacking filings just waiting to be tucked into these carby containers. From vegan barbeque tofu to Thai-inspired chicken salad, there are so many creative ways to use pita bread. Opt for one of the reputable wholesale bakers Melbourne, buy pita bread and try these recipes.

Potato pitas & roasted Mediterranean cauliflower

Potatoes and roasted cauliflower are good enough on their own. And when potatoes and roasted cauliflower are spiced with coriander and cumin, it tastes awesome. Tucked these in a pita and top with tahini. Once you taste it, this will be your favourite vegetarian meal.

Mini Mediterranean tuna pita wraps

If you want to add a Mediterranean flavour to your food, then this will be the ideal choice for you. From the Kalamata olives to oil-packed tuna to mini yogurt sauce and Israeli salad, everything about these quick-to-prepare sandwiches comes with full-one Mediterranean flavour. You can use mini pitas to make it possible to eat just one for a snack and a few as a meal.

Chickpea, lemony broccoli, and avocado pita sandwiches

From garbanzo beans to broccoli, there is no shortage of fiber in these pita pockets. However, the nutrition benefits are added ones: between the zesty lemon dressing and the mashed avocado spread, all the fresh flavour here will have sold on pure taste.

Tempeh and sweet potato stuffed pita with cashew chipotle sauce

Between the hearty sweet potato, the meaty tempeh, and the spicy cashew sauce, there is so much flavour, texture, and substances in this recipe. You can hardly get this same texture and flavour from non-vegetarian foods. Serve these to your friends and guests, who don’t believe in meatless Mondays.

Greek salmon pita sandwich

Do you want to add omega-3 fatty acids to meal and that too without creating a hole in your pocket? Then, salmon packed in pouches is a conventional way to do so. Stir in some Greek yogurt, chopped veggies and feta- pile it all into pile halves and serve your five-minutes lunch.

Sweet potato, roasted harissa and chicken pitas

Prepare a fiber-rich mix of sweet potatoes and chickpeas and fill the pita bread pocket with this. Add harissa powder to get a spicy-enough touch to the mixture. If you want to stick with the theme, top with a harissa-spiked cashew sauce. It will make the recipe entirely dairy free.  

Eggplant and cabbage pitas

As there is a good amount of oil in this recipe, it is heart-healthy olive kind, which helps you absorb the nutrients from the veggies which cook in it. In this case, it is Japanese eggplant and wilted cabbage. To go an extra mile, drizzle on a garlicky tahini sauce.

So, wait no more, opt for one of the pita bread suppliers Melbourne, buy pita bread and try these recipes today.

Author Bio: Paul Mack, a food lover, and blogger on wholesale bakers Melbourne, here writes on a few pita pocket recipes that you can try. He also suggests to opt for one of the reputable pita bread suppliers Melbourne for this.


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