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The Ultimate Guide To Website Designing

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Website Designing

What is Web Designing?

Web Designing is very popular nowadays. It is a broad term which includes many steps. Basically, web designing is the way of creating or designing a website. It contains various things which include content writing, generating content, webpage layouts as well as graphic designing. Many people say that web development and web designing are different concepts. But it is not true. Web developing and web designing are the same concept. Web designing is a broader term as compared to web development. There are different web designing services in India which are located in different states. However, finding the best web design company is not difficult.

Generally, web pages are developed by using HTML which is also called as a markup language. The web developers create websites by using HTML tags which help in defining the meta data as well as the content of each and every page. The other elements such as appearances and layout on the webpage are designed by using cascading style sheets which are also known as CSS. This is the reason that both the CSS and HTML describe how each and every page of a website appear in a web browser.

For New Websites:

The web development company in Jaipur generally uses various hand codes which they create by typing CSS as well as HTML in the form of scratch, whereas some use WYSIWYG, this is an editor which is just like Adobe Dreamweaver. These types of editor help in providing the visual interface for the purpose of developing a website and what the software does is it generates CSS as well as HTML code. If this becomes difficult for you then, there is another way which is very popular for designing a website. This is called a content management system such as Joomla or WordPress. These types of platforms help by providing various templates for website designing. Through which webmaster will help in adding contents as well as personalize the layout of the webpage by using the website interface.

Whereas CSS, as well as HTML codes, are used for designing the look of your website. So, graphic designing can overlap with the web developing because the web developers generally create photos for adding in the website. Adobe Photoshop can help the designers the easiest way of exporting the image in the format which supports in the websites.

Guide to Website Developing:

Now especially for the beginners, who do not know how to design a website. Well, this article is for you. In this article, we are going to provide an ultimate of website developing. However, a single article cannot cover the entire topic of web designing because it contains various things such as tools, skills as well as technologies. If you know these things you will be able to become an expert in this field which will consume months. But if you are focussed in learning these things, then we bet you that you will surely be enjoying the job.

The article is for?

This article is especially dedicated to all of those who want to start their career in the field of web developing and web designing. Here we will be providing the basic tips for designing your websites. This article is also for those of you who are new to this field who does not have any knowledge regarding website designing.

What are the requirements?

If you are new to this field then it is obvious that your skill will be low. But you just need to know the basics about the folders as well as text files. Opening a website is very but building and designing the same is the challenging part. You need to know basics about it such as coding languages (HTML), colour theory and the traffic. Not only this, you also need to have some knowledge of programming and JavaScript. Apart from that, there are various other things which include:

  • · Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • · Content management system
  • · Marketing

And the key part of attracting the traffic to your website is having some catchy contents. But it doesn’t mean that you have to write content on your own. It will be a bit time-consuming. You can hire professional content writers who are expert in this field. You cannot waste your time on writing because designing a website requires lots of efforts and time which you need to devote. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be an expert in this field.

A Perfect Guide:

Well, before going into the whole process, you need to research a bit for getting a little idea. There are lots of videos available on YouTube where you can get some tutorials.

Design in a Browser:

In many tutorials, you might have seen that there are many designers who design their websites by using image editors where they just code the designs and get started. Most of them use Photoshop which is the renowned image editing software. There are many other image editing software such as:

  • · GIMP
  • · Sketch
  • · Inkscape
  • · Illustrator

There are many web development companies in India who generally provides such services.

Animated Designs:

Nowadays there are various website designers available who create animated designs for the websites. But if you are new here, you have to learn exactly how the thing works. Especially if you are going for responsive designs, it is very important. Now responsive designs are those designs which update various changes according to the screen sizes.

Browser-based designs:

After completing all the image editing via Photoshop, the half of the things get completed. But a simple mistake can cost you a lot sometimes. So, you need to be very careful about the coding such as HTML coding. The more you make mistakes, the more you need to learn.

Some things that you need to know:

Before proceeding towards text editor and start typing, you have to know some basic things. The designers who know to edit images in Photoshop can also design web pages.

  • If the designer is pretty smart then he or she will first make a sketch of the idea in a diary which they have created in their mind. Then they will open the Photoshop.
  • The web designer needs to devote their time to gather ideas for creating the homepage of the website. The web development company in Jaipur exactly does that task.

Interactive Ideas:

Each and every part of the website development changes the entire look of the website. There is nothing to be afraid of. If the designer feels that something is wrong or is not matching with the website, just proceed towards the change. Even if the website is published and you notice lags in the website, you need to find a solution for that. However, it will not be easier for you. You need to hire a web developer. Web Design in Jaipur does these task properly. And there is the various Web development company in Jaipur which provide such services.

One cannot just launch a website and keep it as it is. He or she needs to take proper care of that for the ultimate growth. Regular maintenance, as well as updating, are essential.

Keep Learning:

The web designers need to learn about website all throughout their lives. This is because technology is advancing nowadays new things are being created. If the blog looks outdated, there will be a loss for your website. People always prefer new things and if you can maintain that the visitors will stick to your website. The website needs to be redesigned after every six to seven months and for that, the designer needs to learn the basic things. The designs we are talking about are not the trendy designs and everything. We are discussing the tips and tricks, technologies as well as applications which will help the visitors in their day to day lives.

Do not ignore the Content:

Now, after developing and designing the website, the next thing we need to do is creating quality contents. This is because as we launch a new website, we should not go directly towards the graphics. The first and foremost, you need to have is good content which can attract traffic. You also need to have contact information, photos, text as well as works which also come under content.

However, the simple text can also look boring to the visitors sometimes which requires some skills to make it more attractive. Of course, content is the key but making it attractive and eye-catchy totally depends on the writer and the web designer. You need to add text, videos, audios, bullet points, heading and sub-heading. You also need to provide descriptions, comments, reviews, arguments about the content to make it spicy.

Difference between the web designer and the visitors:

Always remember that the way you view your website is totally opposite to the visitors. You need to keep in mind that different people are using different devices for visiting your website and that also in the different environment. In short, some people browse through a laptop, some through tablets, some through mobiles, etc. This is where the designing skills come. You have to design the website in such a way that it should fit in each and every device. However, it’s not an easy task but the return which you will be getting after adopting this technique will be huge.

You also need to care about the colours, texts as well as shades which can be comfortable to the users.

Design for the sale:

This point is very important for each and every blogger. Just keep in mind that you are a seller. Yes, you got right. Blogging also comes under the selling category. The blogger sells their experiences on the internet to the lakhs and lakhs of audiences. If you are a real estate owner and you create a brochure on the website you are selling your service by attracting the customers. Not only this, you have to make your website user-friendly which means that the people should understand the purpose of creating your website.

Play with Skills:

If you want to start your career as a professional web designer, then you need to have various skills. But in this article, we are going to discuss some of the specific skills which each and every web developer need to have. Business, as well as communication skills, are the main things which you need to have because this is a kind of business for you.

· There are various designers who say that the designer needs to have the knowledge about coding. This is right. But we want to give a theoretical overview here.

Aesthetic Skills are a little bit tricky. If you are a beginner, you might face problems. Such as matching colour schemes, if it goes wrong then the users might feel weird. So, first follow the basic rules which we have mentioned above and then proceed towards the complicated things.

Next thing comes is the topography which means selecting the right fonts in the text. You have to select the appropriate font size and types which will not create any readability issues. Headings and titles, of course, create the visual hierarchy.

Create a life to your text by making it attractive.

You can also go for Google Web Fonts which will help in allowing the blogger to directly embed the text and fonts into the website.

Feedback is must:

A beginner cannot improve their skills until and unless he or she gets any sort of feedback from the visitors. So, feedback always plays the key role towards the development of the website. If you get the negative feedback from the visitors, you can always improve the skills in the designing of graphics.

As the time passes, you can eventually develop your website and can even redesign it again. By the time you can also create a new website for expanding your business. So, these are some of the things which you have to keep in mind while designing your website and we hope that this article has helped you out to some extent.

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