Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Installation Of French Drains Solves Standing Water Problems

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Installation of French drains is important when you have stagnant water near the foundation of the building or in your front yard. The interiors of the house, the basement, and the foundation get damaged by water and the property can begin to look shabby. Insurance companies report that almost 90 percent of water damage claims last year were preventable. The homeowners who do not pay attention to the state of their property due to a shortage of time or money need a viable and quick solution.

Property owners need to understand the many threats that accompany standing water. If the problem is caused by a lack of proper drainage system in your yard and every year you see the unsightly water, your house might also be infested with several species of pests. Many homes have termites that quietly eat up the foundation without a clue. There can be plants dying in the garden as well. Too much water is not good for plant life and, therefore, it is good to divert the excess water to the other side of the house.

There are many types of drains that can be installed to cope with stagnant water to save your precious plants. The most affordable and quickest way is to dig a trench under the ground and install perforated pipes. When the trench is dug, the gravel is laid in it and on top of the gravel, the pipes are laid. These pipes are covered with fabric.

In some areas the threat of floods is high and if you have a well-designed drainage system the yard and the house will be dry fast. French drains will add more value to the house and you can stay in it for longer. Hiring an installation expert is very easy. Most companies have their websites where you can find their contact information. Just give them a call and ask them as many questions you like. Choose the company that offers better value for your money.

The contractor will come out to your property with the materials and get your approval first. Only after that, the work will commence. After installation of French drains in your yard, it will never have the standing water and the foundation too will remain safe.

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