Sat. Oct 19th, 2019

How Small Business Can Get PR

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how small business can earn PR

Gaining press coverage for your enterprise has become more difficult in this digital era. Journalists are being swamped with pitches for new products with the increasing number of press releases they receive every day.

If you are an owner of a small enterprise, you need good PR to get your name in the spotlight. It will help you build your reputation and eventually, an excellent customer base. But, how you can stand out from the crowd, even if you have a killer idea? That’s where you have to plan some right strategies to get PR for your business.

Here are some favorite tips to help your brand stand out and get Excellent PR.

Reach out to influencers in your industry

Start by reaching out to the influencers in your respective niche, what they are sharing, how they interact with the people on social platforms, and what tactics they are using. Follow them on social media, interact with them, and try to be in their eyes. So, when they have any opportunity related to your niche, they will think about you at first instinct.

Search for Free/Paid Press Release websites

You can also find sites that offer press release services for brands. Craft a good PR with the latest news about your product or anything you want to get in the spotlight and submit it to the websites. If you have a budget for paid publications, you can use the PR web and PR Newswire. Some sites offer expensive packages and publish your news to websites like Reuters. It would be a jackpot for your small business.

Use HARO (help a reporter out)

I have a personal experience of getting published on a high authority domain via HARO. It is a free platform where bloggers, influencers, journalists, or experts can share their expertise and get free publicity. HARO gives you direct access to all types of media publications. Sign up as a source, and get queries from journalists to your inbox in three batches throughout the day. If any of the questions is a good fit for your business, pitch your response by email.

Give your readers a solid reason to consider you

Once you have done with a list of free PR sites, now it’s time to pitch. It is where you can win the game. When pitching to publications, think like a reader. What would you want to read? Is your idea newsworthy? Give editors of the publication the answer to the question “So what?” Explain to them why their readers should think about your brand.

Remodel your content

Get the most out of your content across multiple platforms for more significant exposure. Post press releases on your website and share coverage link on social media (if any). Also, share your story on social media channels if any media features your story online. If you want to be in the eyes, you have to strengthen your reputation. So, don’t forget to repurpose your content to multiple audiences regularly.

Get to know the Journalists more

To increase your chances of coverage, learn more about the journalists. Track who’s covering what; Target the right person for a specific pitch. Don’t forget local bloggers; they’re usually easier to approach. Many traditional journalists follow blogs for potential stories, and most of the bloggers are active on social media. So, if you re-tweet and comment on their posts, they become familiar with your name, your area of expertise, and your brand.

Remember that PR is not a magic wand

Generating great PR results is not a magic wand. Relationships and credibility built over time. Be patient and incorporate PR efforts with your current marketing activities. For this, you can use budget-friendly marketing tools for business. You can amp up your PR efforts while continuing with effective email marketing, social media, and other campaigns.


Getting PR is very difficult, but if you try these tips, you can earn it without paying any cost. All you need is to focus on your goal and quality. Keep going; the success is on the way.



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