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Have a Professional Translate into Chinese

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Have a Professional Translate into Chinese

Chinese translator by your industry

If you need to have a document translated into Chinese, it is essential that the Chinese translator knows your industry. By using a Chinese translation agency like Lexling, you are sure to entrust your text to a professional translator.

There are different specializations in Chinese translation: Chinese legal,financial, real estate, medical but also luxury, tourism, cosmetics, COMPUTER, organic, etc.

Choose your translation into Chinese

Chinese is protean. There have long been several Chinese languages. If unification progresses, however, you must take it into account for your translations.

History of modern Chinese

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. According to a study,it is the second most used language on the internet and is experiencing a strong increase. This very ancient language has evolved a lot in its speech and writing.

Originally there were actually a multitude of Chinese languages. Among the most important are Mandarin in the North, Shanghai in Shanghai, and Cantonese in southern China. All these different forms of Chinese themselves have several ramifications, strong dialects. The Shanghai spoken shanghai is different from the Shanghai spoken in the cities yet bordering.

However, in order to politically unify the country, it was necessary to have a common language. This is why the communist regime will make Mandarin, the language of Beijing, the language of the whole country. This consecration could have been given to the Shanghai, the Mandarin having won by only a few votes in a vote on the issue organized within the Chinese Communist Party.

What is now referred to as “Chinese” is in fact Mandarin, the official language of the People’s Republic of China since 1956. The Chinese now all speak Mandarin in addition to their dialect. Thus in Shanghai, the locals speak Shanghaiand and Mandarin with people from outside.

A unification of the still porous Chinese

In addition to establishing Mandarin as China’s sole language, the Communist power also simplified Chinese writing. The Chinese characters have for some been modified to allow writing is a faster and more readable writing. This is called simplified Chinese. At that time Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan were not part of China. Hong Kong belonged to the English, Macau to the Portuguese. Taiwan has considered itself independent since fleeing to China’s KuoMinTang island after its defeat to Mao’s armies.

As a result, Chinese writing in these regions still obeys the rules of traditional Chinese today. Legally, Hong Kong is subject to the same rules as mainland China. Mandarin is the official language and writing must be done in simplified Chinese. But since 1997, mandarin has only been linked to China, and traditional writing is preferred. Cantonese and traditional writing are still the most common. The same goes for Macau. As far as Taiwan is concerned, simplified Chinese has no place. The official writing is traditional Chinese.

All of these aspects must be taken into account when you want to have a document translated into Chinese. Don’t hesitate to ask your Chinese translation agency for advice.

The example of French-Chinese tourism translation

Statistics show that Chinese tourism in France is growing every year. The Asian clientele, led by China, is the fastest growing,while the European clientele is slightly shrinking.

Translating your tourist documents into Chinese allows you to take advantage of this trend. The first benefit will be to bring these tourists to shops and monuments with texts in Chinese. The second will be to have the opportunity to appear on Chinese tour guides, which can drain a very large influx of Chinese visitors. Translation into Chinese by a professional translator is essential, entrust your documents to a translation company


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