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Best Advice on Camera Tripod

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When you think of potentially useful accessories for your photography, it is likely that your mind will immediately turn to things like a backpack, a remote shutter or cable shutter, some filters or maybe a rain cover like the ones I mentioned in the extensive Rain cover guide. Best Camera Tripod accessories are probably not on your list.

I continually see people who make the old mistake of buying a Camera tripod and a cheap ball head for their $ 4000- $ 5000 camera setup, so it is not surprising that little attention is paid to things that can be further improved Your support team

Unlike some of my other team guides, such as the recent (monumental) guide to the best camera belts, this is a pretty quick read because there are not many accessories to consider. But consider them I should! If it is on this list, it is something that I have tried and that I found useful.

Lets you carry your tripod and mounted super telephoto lens with folded or extended legs. This makes it useful to move small distances as you adjust the angle of your subject, and also for longer hikes in its initial approach.

Wedged between his shoulder padding, your hand can firmly grasp one of the tripod legs to stabilize the entire configuration. This is not only a convenient way to carry things, but also feel much safer when you go through difficult terrain.

This was quite remarkable to me when I used mine for the first time on a rocky coastline that made me climb the coastal rocks in search of black bears. The biggest downside to the LegCushion is that you might not be able to close your tripod legs as far as you might be used to if you have a tripod with a relatively small distance between the tops of the legs at the apex (see photo above). Series-3 tripods from Gitzo and RRS won’t have an issue, but anything smaller will. In the field, this isn’t an issue as you won’t have the tripod legs closed, but unless you remove the LegCushion it’ll be harder to pack.

If you think that will really bug you, you should take a look at the LegWrap Pro instead – it’s a similar idea in terms of how you carry the tripod, but it offers a bit less padding. What I found was that in my car I didn’t bother to remove the padding but when I packed gear into duffles for travel I did need to remove it so that my tripod would fit into its protective case.


In the photo above you can see a quite typical situation. A tripod with a small hook at the bottom of the vertex between the legs, and a camera backpack that is too big to really attach to the hook for stability. The solution is the Heroclip, a carabiner with a folding hook that works well.

You can use a regular carabiner, but the Heroclip can also be used to hang your camera bag in all kinds of places, and if your tripod does not have a hook underneath it you can still use it in the way I show you In the photo below.

I spent a lot of time testing and researching these accessories throughout the year to find that I think are the best solutions on the market right now, but it’s always good to know other photographers about their experiences. What kind of tripod or support digital camera accessories are taking or plan to buy what?

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