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Here Are The top 5 reasons to sponsor  a child with Lok Kalyan Samiti

Well, Before Donating we should always keep in mind what is our purpose and for what purpose the relevant organization is working for?

What is an NGO?

NGO – as we know NGOs are a non-profit organization and runs for the sole motive which is the betterment of society. Every society welfare organization shall live up to these basic ethical standards.

  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Economical
  • Non-discriminating
  • Goal-oriented

Lok Kalyan Samiti have it all

         “you wish it; we follow it.”

Every donor have some expectations from the organization in which he/she  wish to donate his funds with a great intention and a good vision, as a donor you expect your organization to live up to your expectations,

Lok Kalyan Samiti works on a framework which adheres basic ethical standards, lok Kalyan samiti is one of the trustable organization which serves for social development and welfare.

Lok Kalyan Samiti conducts various welfare and charitable events, and the reason  behind those success events is


Transparency plays a vital role in the development, every organisation should work in a transparent manner, like if you sponsor a child with lok Kalyan Samiti you will be provided with proper reports of the child that you have sponsored not only reports but you will be presented with an appropriate channel of communication with the donor who helps you to keep a track record of the performance of the child and to motivate him to make a better future for himself.


Every organization should work with pure honesty, lok Kalyan Samiti is an organization

That works with pure honesty and dedication towards its all the events whether it is sponsoring a child or eyecare checkups Lok Kalyan Samiti focuses on the efficient and fruitful results of their honest efforts.


We care for our donors and do not believe in any fraudulent practices , you can sponsor a child education with Lok Kalyan Samiti in very reasonable amount which is Rs.5000 for a year, isn’t it great that you can make someone’s life better . And you can also get a tax benefit under Sec-80G of income tax act, 50% deduction on all the schemes. Which is a great benefit for every donor?


Lok Kalyan Samiti works on the critical issue of the society and aims to get rid of the discrimination from the community, lok Kalyan Samiti not only works for social development program but also on women development issues. Sponsor a child program system is not followed by any caste system. It’s only based on the value system and who needs the organization the most.


An organization without a goal is not an effective organization, like traveling on the road leads to a destination similarly working on a project also leads to a goal, and lok Kalyan Samiti focuses on eliminating unemployment and illiteracy rate from the society by their dedication and honest efforts.


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