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An Ultimate Guide on the Types of Glassware

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Selecting the right type of glassware is extremely important to enjoy drinking experience. Think about drinking wine in a plastic glass or in a tiny shot glass. Absolutely, a big No! There is a strong reason as to why some drinks are enjoyed in specific type of glasses. It influences the aroma and flavor of the drink. Make the drink more presentable, thereby by retaining its special magic.

Shape, size of the glass everything matters. Your glassware should be correct and presentable too. You may find a good collection of glassware in the market, but considering buying appropriate glassware according to the drinks you will serve. Different drinks taste awesome in different glasses. Each and every glass has been designed to suit the drink served.

Here is a guide on selecting appropriate glassware to ensure you that you get the best drinking experience.

The High Ball Glass

One of the essential glass for your home or bar is the tall glass i.e. the high ball glass. Pick this glass for serving tall drinks popped up with lots of ice. This glass is used for serving mixed drinks, mocktails, vodka, and fusion drinks. Its size allows the drink to settle easily and expand its aroma. This glass is easy to hold as well. It easily holds 8 to 12 ounces of the drink.

The Lowball Glass

If you enjoy drinks on the rocks, then you must have old fashioned lowball glass for drinking whiskey, scotch or brandy. Lowball glass is short in length and more wide that allow the drinker to smell the aroma and flavor of the drink.

Martini Glass

Drinking and serving drinks is all about how you present the drinks to your guests and impress them. Martini glass is a conical shape glass with a stem. Basically, it is a cocktail glass having inverted cone bowl in v shape. Its narrower and rounder shape helps to keep the drink cool.

Wine Glass

For all those nights of get-togethers and parties, you will need a tulip-shaped wine glasses. These glasses are best for serving red and white wine. The glass has a small bowl and taller stem. Its taller stem helps the drinker to hold the glass without making the drink hot. The shape of the wine glass helps the wine to breathe by offering space for the drink to retain its taste.

Beer Glass

A must to have in your bar or restaurant. Beer glass is the most classy and elegant choice for serving beer to your loved ones. Get a pilsner glass for classier look. Many people prefer drinking beer direct from the bottle or can, but choose a glass specially designed for drinking beer. It will complement the aromas of the beer. A strong beer deserves a strong glass and offers an incredible drinking experience.

Shot Glass

A good collection of shot glass in different shapes and sizes is must-have. For a hard drink party or cocktail party or party overnight, shot glasses are perfect to serve vodka or tequila. These glasses are short and are easy to accommodate anywhere. Everyone love shot glasses due to their cute look and style. Do not fill these glasses full to the top; leave some space, so that the drink does not spill.

The Flute Glass

Pick flute glasses for celebrations and brunches. It’s beautiful look and elegant design makes it perfect for raising a toast of champagne. Popping up champagne in style with the sweet sound of tinkling glasses gives a feeling of celebration. Flute glass is the most commonly used glass for serving champagne. These glasses are specially designed to preserve the bubbles and fizz of the champagne. Serve champagne in style by placing flute glasses in champagne glass tray.

Coupe Glass

Bring the classic coupe glass in your glassware collection to enjoy the unbeatable drinking experience. Coupe glass is ideal for serving drinks stirred and mixed until chilled and are served without ice. These glasses are spill prone glasses, a form of martini glass. These glasses have shallow and broad saucer with stem. Coupe glasses are good to serve cocktails. Its wide-open mouth allows the carbonation of bubbles easily.

Wine Goblet Glass

If you want classy yet contemporary look of your glassware, then wine goblet glasses are must to have in your bar or home. These glasses do not have any stem; they are round in shape which gives it a lovely look. Its stylish shape is very easy to clean and maintain.


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