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6 Inexpensive Ways To Give A Lavish Touch To Your Wedding Table

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Polyester round tablecloths rental

Who says a budget wedding ceremony can’t be beautiful? You can make your wedding look lavish with these simple wedding table décor ideas. Turn your tables from basic to just wow!

Use lanterns and candles as fillers

The more occupied your table be, the more lavish they will look. If you are looking for a good substitute to compliment your tiny centerpiece, choose lanterns and candlelight. They not only cast an amazing flow but also come in the budget. Make sure that they vary in size as well as height to create a layered effect.

Table cover

Table covers are an important part of a table setting, and you can achieve a luxurious look if you choose the right type carefully. To bring a lavish touch, you can choose either satin or polyester round tablecloths rentals. If you wish to traditional nude white, complement it with a matching runner.

Use table runner

Adding depth and texture is one of the smartest ways to make any table look more expensive. If you are looking for a neat solution to add lavishness to your table, place table runner. It will make even a basic table linen look beautiful and give a pricey touch to your overall table setting.

Bold patterns and colors

Bold patterns and colors give depth to any event. Try layering the runner with a textured vase. Add bright flowers to create a pop of colors. This arrangement will make your wedding table setting luxurious manifolds.

Spread your flower budget

If you want an affordable wedding floral decoration, don’t remain stuck to a theme, like farm tables, an autumn style which come with a pricey tag. Instead, mix and match different themes and spread the floral decoration in smaller arrangements. For example, instead of wasting money on a large centerpiece, make your florist distribute the arrangement to the entire table setting. It will make the table look more full.

Keep it minimal

Whatever style you choose, don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and elegant. It will make your guest feel that they are attending a modern dinner party, not a meal at an outdated restaurant.

You don’t always need fancy and expensive accents to make your wedding decoration lavish. By applying the tips above mentioned, you can make your reception look expensive.

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