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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Tipper Trailer in Good Shape & Extend Its Life

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Tipper trailers are considered to be the ultimate choice for businesses that need to move medium to heavy-duty items on a regular basis. Being an efficient equipment, it ensures that the heavy-duty jobs are performed efficiently. And as there are myriad companies that offer tipper trailers made by combining the latest technology and craftsmanship of professionals, getting the right trailer will not be daunting for you.

However, only opting for a reputable company that offers tipper trailers Melbourne and one will not be enough, especially if you want to enjoy its service for a long time. Wondering what to do? Well, you have to maintain it on a regular basis. Here, we have put together a few ways to maintain a tipper trailer.

1. Check the air

Tyres are a major expense, so they deserve more attention. As proper tyre air pressure is the key to tyre longevity, it is better to monitor to check the tyre pressure from time to time. And to do so, verify that the system pressure is set correctly, check the auxiliary battery switch, as well as system shut-off valve position. Moreover, check the regulator pressure at least once a quarter and the power fuse monthly. Every time there is a visual inspection of the trailer, you should check the system shut-off valve.

2. Inspect suspensions

Inspect suspensions visually to find out whether there are signs of irregular wear, tears or heat cracks on the air springs. Make sure that nothing is touching the suspension or interfering with its movement. Moreover, ensure air springs have sufficient pressure. Every suspension has a defined ride height position, but sometimes it gets damaged. If the ride height is not correct, then it can cause problems. So, you have to make sure that the ride height is not too high as it can interfere with safety navigation overpasses. If there is too little air, then in place of riding on the airbag, the trailer will ride on the bumper of the suspension that will damage other components of the suspension.

3. Lube it properly

The correct lube in the proper amount is a must to proper trailer operation. When choosing the right grease, consider the thickening system, grade and performance rating. As most of the grease manufacturers don’t mention the performance characteristics on the level, it will be difficult for you to find out. And for this, it would be better to consult with the grease manufacturer to make sure you are getting a grease with the proper performance characteristics.

4. Keep it clean

Cleaning your tipper trailer is another important part of maintenance. Clean your trailer after every 45 days and brought into the shop at least once in every three months. A clean trailer allows you to spot trailer problems easily. Pre- and post-trip inspections are the starting point for a good maintenance effort. When checking for debris in the trailer, be careful about the hydraulic system. If this system gets compromised, it could begin leaking hydraulic fluid that is considered toxic.

5. Check security

Your tipper trailer maintenance should also include a close inspection of tie-down straps, ratchets, chains and winches. Look for tears, holes, snags, cuts, loose stitching or embedded particles in the strap and at securing hardware along with loose logistics tracks on the inside of the trailer or rusted winches and hooks on the outside.

So, once you are done with buying a tipper trailer from the companies that offer different types of trailers Melbourne, follow these tips to keep it in good condition.

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Robert Morgan, a popular blogger on trailers Melbourne, here writes on a few ways that you can follow to maintain tipper trailers Melbourne.


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