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5 Common Car Wrap Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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5 Common Car Wrap Mistakes

Are you wondering how to promote your business smartly, without creating a hole in your bank account? Well, the best thing that you can do is to turn your car into a marketing tool by using a car wrap and deliver the message of your brand. A car wrap is a series of vinyl decals that are placed on the surface of a car to promoting a business or deliver some message.

When designed and installed correctly, they can quickly grab the attention of people, improve brand awareness and increase the sale. However, if you make mistakes when ordering it, the result will not be as satisfactory as you have imagined or you may get any effect at all. To help you, here we have put together a few mistakes that you should avoid when ordering to design car wraps Adelaide.

Hectic designs 

While choosing a design for the digital print, you may select a busy design without even realising this. While it is essential to have eye-catching and unique components in the wrap, it is equally or more important not to distract from the key message and the call to action of the wrap. So, when choosing a design for a car wrap, you should be very careful and want a simple design that will highlight the message of your brand.

No colour contrast 

Images and characters should be used in such a way that they should contrast against the background used. It does not mean that every background must be black and white. Instead, there should be a great colour contrast so that the images and letters pop off the wraps. At the same time, you should make sure that the message does not get lost in the ocean of colour.

Poor font size 

The size of the text in the wrap is significant. It should be easy to read. If the font size is too small, then it will be difficult for viewers to get the message. Although pretty and elegant, some scripts fonts can sometimes be a bit unclear. Try to choose cleaner fonts to minimise clutter and confusion. You can also get assistance from the professional regarding this.

No real message 

Before you ask the professional to design it, consider what the purpose of the wrap is. Without having a real message to deliver, the cover will look uninteresting; and at the same time, it will be unmemorable too. Take advantage of this opportunity to say why one should choose your product, service or business, why people should choose you and what you have to offer to them.

Too much text 

Using too much test is another big thing that you should avoid. When you use too much text, it would be difficult for one to understand what you actually want to convey. In the crowd of words, the main message may lose its value. Besides, people will not pay attention to car wrap when it is filled with words. So, use text in a meaningful and concise way.

So, from the next time, you opt for a sign maker to design car wrap or vehicle signage Adelaide, you should save yourself from making these mistakes and hire a professional to install this.


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