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4 Types of Office Paper Stationery Your Business Needs

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One business aspect that is often overlooked by the managers and yet it has a huge influence on building the professional look of the business is the office paper stationery. The term refers to all the paper solutions that are used in the office, on products and as shipping business forms and are the first connection between the customer and the purchased product. Therefore, the importance of choosing the premium quality of these products speaks volumes about the business and how the brand is seen in the eyes of existing and potentially new customers. Here are some of the types of office paper stationery that your business can’t progress without. 


Labels on sheets, integrated labels, thermal labels, etc. are what bring the product closer to the customer. Choosing the right label solution is not a simple task – there are many different types and materials and all of them have a purposeful use. For example, labels on sheets can be used as address, shipping, product and pricing labels and can be printed in your inkjet or laser printer or photocopier. They can be made from a matt white permanent paper or they can be in different colours with a clear or glossy finish. Also, they can be synthetic and used in extreme conditions of high or freezing temperatures. 

Then, there are the integrated labels that are labels incorporated on a standard sheet of copy paper which serves as a business form (an invoice, delivery form, etc) so that no separate sheets are used. They cut the expenses for labels and forms in half as both are integrated on one sheet of paper. 

The thermal labels are a bit different as they need a thermal printer for printing and they can be direct thermal and thermal transfer. The first doesn’t require a thermal ribbon for printing whereas the second does and that is why they are the more expensive option. But, on the other hand, it thermal labels printed with a thermal ribbon are much more durable. 

Perforated Paper

The second office paper stationery solution every business needs is the perforated paper. It is the same as the standard A4 copy paper but has perforations across the sheets. This makes this form suitable to use as an invoice, pay advice slip, statement, ticket, remittance advice, brochure and company memo. The form can be torn along the perforations line and you get two or more sections that are legal documents if they are signed. One of the section goes for the customer and the other for record-keeping. 

You can find the perforated paper online in different colours, but the most popular ones are plain white, blue and beige and 80gsm in weight. 

Also, there are pre-printed business forms ready-made with perforated sheets of paper you can use so that your business gets the ultimate professional finish. 

POS Rolls

Point of Sale rolls is the essential paper solution when it comes to giving receipts to customers at the moment of payment. Businesses are legally bounded to give their customers a receipt with all the details of the purchase at the same moment when they pay for the product or service and to do so they need POS rolls. 

These POS rolls can be thermal and bond paper rolls and can be printed in a thermal printer. When you are looking for POS rolls make sure that the type is suitable for all types of EFTPOS terminals. Also, think about the size that will fit the terminal you have. 

Continuous Computer Paper

Last, but not least, the continuous computer paper makes the cut on this list as one of the most important and beneficial office paper stationery solutions. It is also known as “Dot Matrix Paper”, “tractor Feed Paper” or “Continuous Feed Computer Paper”. This paper is used to make duplicate and triplicate copies of forms in DOS Based computer systems. You can find them in a variety of colours but the most commonly used ones are plain white, colour coded and blue half shadow. Their weight is usually 60gsm and 70gsm. 

One of their benefits is the fact that the forms can be supplied in 1,2,3 or 4 part so up to 4 copies can be printed of the original document. There are two types: CPO (plain continuous computer paper) and Software specific continuous computer paper for which a suitable software needs to be used. 

To Sum Up

Investing in quality paper office stationery only leads to improving the image of the business and provides the customers with quality information about your products or services. Keep in mind that even the tiniest details can convince the customer to stick with your brand and become a loyal customer and also, in the same way, the tiniest details can appal the customer from buying from you.


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